zinc bromide sigma

Fr., [4], 39, 195-201 (1926) teaches that bromine and zinc do not react with each other directly and require the formation of the intermediates ZnO and HBr.Another preferred method for making zinc bromide comprises: (a) dissolving bromine in a reaction solvent; (b) feeding the reaction solvent to a reaction vessel containing metallic zinc; (c) contacting the metallic zinc with the reaction solvent to form a zinc bromide solution; (d) obtaining a zinc bromide product stream from the reaction vessel; and (e) recirculating at least a portion of the zinc bromide solution back to the reaction vessel as the reaction solvent in (a)-(c). Search for: Menu.

The product solution was 30.8% zinc bromide and 0.01% bromine.During the method of this invention, metallic zinc is reacted directly with bromine in a solvent at temperatures preferably about 60° C. or below, thereby avoiding many of the problems associated with high temperature processes, for example, liberation of gaseous bromine and significant amounts of hydrogen. The reaction vessel 40 is a two-part vessel comprising an upper section 48 and a lower section 46. Preferably the resulting product is collected at vessel top 34. HSDB 1047. 2. 5 Chemical Vendors. The product stream 70 can be split so that a portion of the product stream is recycled back to the tank 50 until the desired concentration of zinc bromide is achieved. This is typical solvent/solute behavior. Advantageously, a portion of the zinc bromide solution resulting from (b) is recycled to (a). The apparatus consisted of a glass chromatography column, feed flask, and chemical metering pump as shown in FIG. Preferably, the temperature throughout the reaction is maintained below about 60° C. In a more preferred embodiment, the reaction temperature is maintained within a range of about 0° C. to about 50° C., especially 30-50° C.The apparatus consisted of a glass chromatography column, a mixing vessel, a heat exchanger and chemical metering pumps as shown in FIG.
The reaction solvent 56 containing the dissolved bromine is fed into the reaction vessel 30 or column containing metallic zinc 38, zinc shot for example. Pat. 139, 40-50 (1924) the following bromine vapor pressure data for bromine dissolved in potassium bromide solutions:The present invention relates to a method for producing zinc bromide, particularly to a method for producing zinc bromide from metallic zinc and bromine.In the method of this invention, zinc bromide is produced directly from its elements. This direct reaction can be accomplished with relatively straightforward equipment in a rapid, safe and efficient manner. A preferred reaction solvent comprises a base metal halide.Continuous Production of Zinc Bromide Solution from Zinc Metal, Bromine and Water Using Single Stage Reactor.Bromine has a noxious, acrid odor, and the maximum health and safety exposure limit is currently 1 ppm in the air.

For example, U.S. Pat. The recycle rate was approximately 232 ml/min. polybromide ions, Br;, where n = 3, 5, 7.GAqueous zinc bromide is ionized, and zinc ions exist as various complex ions and ion pairs.
Hokkaido Univ. Wahl et al., U.S. Pat. The column product was 41.6% zinc bromide and 0.14% bromine.FIG. The bromine and water were mixed with zinc bromide solution to completely dissolve the bromine.

The column was filled with 3-5 mm zinc shot from Fisher Scientific.Zinc bromide is a widely used compound in chemical, petrochemical and process industries, photography, and manufacturing of synthetics such as rayon. Heat from the reaction causes water to evaporate as steam. [1], 3 (1), 17-33 (1940).

Raynaud, Bull. However, a preferred concentration at the start of the reaction is within a range from about 0.001 weight percent base metal halide up to saturation. Create: 2005-03-26. Zinc bromide solution can be concentrated until zinc bromide is precipitated. Because commercial usage of zinc bromide is increasing, large-scale production of the compound is necessary.FIG. The top of the column was fitted with an adapter that allowed gas and liquid to leave the column separately. Farbenpracht für den Herbst! In one embodiment, zinc shot is suspended in a reaction solvent and bromine is added directly to the reaction solvent.

1,483,852 to Rosenstein discloses the production of zinc chloride by reacting lead-zinc alloy in water with chlorine gas.

3. Chim. The problem of zinc bromide production without the harmful production of free gaseous bromine and hydrogen must also be addressed.Production of Zinc Bromide Solution Using Two Stage Reactor.Preferably, the zinc bromide resulting from the reaction of this invention is concentrated, and, if desired, concentrated until the zinc bromide is precipitated. Fr. The preferred product stream will comprise approximately 65% zinc bromide essentially free of elemental bromine with no bromine detectable in the air above the reactor, e.g. The base metal can be selected from the group comprising alkali metals, alkaline earth metals and transition metals. Compare Products: Select up to 4 products. It is intended that all such variations and modifications which fall within the scope or spirit of the appended claims be embraced thereby.U.S.

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zinc bromide sigma