housing projects by famous architects

Housing & Regeneration.

The architects decided to incorporate the sprawling tree into the design of the 12-unit L’Astrolarbre social housing project, infusing the urban residential development with nature. Low-cost housing architecture and design, including affordable apartments made entirely from concrete and a social-housing project proposed by Kanye West. Built in a U-shape around a centralized courtyard, the development features a high-ceilinged roof, and the units benefit from ample natural light, balconies, and passive solar design – while rainwater is also used to provide eco-conscious cooling. Community is changing and cities are like organic beings adapting to the ever changing social environment, housing architecture should reflect that, and in 2014 we’ve seen amazing architectural projects that reflect that concern. The undeniable squalor of 19th Century slums combined with modernism to produce and attempt to clean things up and create a crystalline utopia. The units comprise of 1-3 bedroom apartments and townhouses, all of which are wheelchair accessible.The chimney of the soap factory is now a key feature of the basement’s ventilation system.This high-density social housing complex successfully encourages interaction between the occupants and forms a thriving urban community in the city center!The community participation in the building process created a sense of ownership and belonging among the residents.The project successfully mixes people from different social classes as one extended family and brings them together at least once a week for a fiesta!This project is a 100% public housing projects scheme, designed and renovated by MDW Architecture. The complex includes 28 four-room social housing units.Designed by Belgian agency MDW Architecture, the Le Lorrain social housing project is actually a repurposed old iron dealer facility located in Belgium’s capital, Brussels. The naturally ventilated building is an interesting mix of surfaces in varying shades of gray and black, giving it a decidedly futuristic look. Located in the Salburúa district of Vitoria, in the Álav province of northern Spain’s Basque Country, the apartments were built with consideration given to both energy efficiency and the comfort of residents. Financed by social housing organization Immobilière3F for low-income families, the building was ready for occupation in 2010.This housing development designed by international architectural firm ACXT proves that social housing blocks don’t have to be limited to the dull brown and grey shades often associated with them. Take a quick tour of some of the most appealing residential architecture found around the world — and these are just the exteriors!.The Hadid Residences, which surround a courtyard, lie within large green spaces leading to another residential complex, Via Spinola, designed by Daniel Libeskind.Architect Josef Krawina (b. Savonnerie Heymans Public Housing, Brussels.

They are also low-energy units that incorporate solar panels, rainwater retrieval systems and eco-friendly materials – a far cry from the gray tower blocks many picture when they think about social housing.The Savonnerie Heymans social housing project is an attempt to create an entire environmentally friendly neighborhood consisting of public housing.

In fact, the first few … The roof has 60m2 solar panels and an elaborate rainwater collection system. Two Spanish agencies, Office of Architecture in Barcelona and Peñín Architects, were involved in the design of the modern looking, aesthetically pleasing white buildings, which are situated in a landscaped park space. This futuristic looking tower was finished in 2011.The bright, cheerful colors and quirky architecture of Pearcedale Parade in the Melbourne suburb of Broadmeadows makes it quite an eye-catching development. Each apartment has a different floor plan, and all benefit from cross ventilation. Chicago-based Landon Bone Baker Architects transformed a flophouse into an 89-unit supportive housing complex while preserving and restoring the exterior facade and select interior features of the landmarked Art Deco building. The development, which was completed in 2007, is five stories high and contains 100 apartments, making it one of Europe’s biggest social housing schemes.Social Work Organizations & PublicationsThe colors of the Mediterranean were incorporated into the sunny white and yellow design of this social housing project in Elmas, Sardinia.

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housing projects by famous architects