ai persona 4

She hides inside an empty vaulting horse in the changing rooms, as Yu talks with Kou. Kou soon leaves, and Yu discovers Ai wallowing in self-pity.Ai has long, wavy blonde hair and matching color eyes.

She is also extremely selfish, but being with the protagonist reveals her to be a shy person and a sweet, loving soul; she harbors a crush on Kou or Daisuke, depending on the player's sports club choice. She comes to help Yu for Christmas Eve before everything turns into a mess.As in the game, she threatens suicide on the school roof, already climbing the chain-link fence. "The protagonist can ask Ai out, provided that his Courage characteristic has reached Lv. As a result, he brings her to the basketball game to act as manager, in order for her to realize her true feelings.Ai proceeds to treat Yu as her personal chauffeur, and bag carrier. All the while, Yu's friends worry about his well being, as he has no time for the rest of them, and he is constantly called by Ai.In the anime, Ai met Yu on April 19 at basketball practice, when he is dragged there by Kou. The two exchange blows as they fight, the players too focused on their game to notice. However, due to her lack of actual affection for him, she ends up pushing him around and treating him cruelly.Ai contemplating suicide on the school roof.Later, at Aiya's, the team celebrates their game, still joyous in the face of their failure. From now on you can find Ai at the School Lobby, talk to her, she'll ask you if wanted to skip class with her. Ai, in turn, feels guilty for Kou, and his performance cements her feelings for him.By the end of the Social Link, Ai realizes that she only chose to skip classes and wear fashionable accessories was because she wanted the attention and admiration that she had longed for. Kou is embarrassed by the question, stumbling over himself; he eventually admits he likes Chie.

Ai's demeanor shifts, saying aloud that Chie "has the hots for [Yu]. In actuality, she was avoiding her more laid-back, simpler, but truer self.
When they leave, Ai hangs back with Yu to talk with him. Out of the corner of her eye, Ai watches as Kou scores a shot just as the final buzzer goes off; unfortunately, Yasogami loses, despite their efforts. In the event that no choice is highlighted, no answer will make a difference.When you pursue this Social Link, having a Persona with the matching Arcana equipped will give you an extra +1 to each response. She is a 2nd year student of Yasogami High School.

She relays her past troubles with her weight, and the subsequent bullying it brought down on her. She fears rejection and acts dramatically upon receiving it, culminating in an attempt to jump off the school roof. Ai will eventually feel guilty and break up with the protagonist, revealing that she cares about him too much as a friend to hurt him like this. Behind the scenes, Yosuke is lead to believe Chie has feelings for Yu, due to misconstruing her words and actions.
It is similar to her in-game social link, with a few differences. She forces him to proclaim his affection for her, and to engage in impromptu make-out sessions.

Instead of her compact, Ai gives Yu a roll of photos from their photo booth session. At length, Ai becomes placid enough to forget about Kou, and instead forces Yu to be her fake boyfriend, until she found a suitable replacement.If the protagonist accepts, Ai will practically drag him into a shallow, playacting relationship where she constantly wants to be affirmed of them being perfect for each other. Persona 4 Golden has a handful of Social Links available for you to level up and benefit from. ". Yu pulls her down, and after much struggle, she eventually calms down enough to confide in him. She quickly become friends with Marie and asks her to choose a dress for her. Her S. Link scenarios have more opportunities to reverse than any other character in the whole game and the only one that can be Broken.Soon, an important basketball game begins, as it will be Kou's last game, before he quits basketball in favor of becoming his family's heir. Talk to her about skipping classes, and shortly after that she will ask you to skip class. Accept her request on … You be able to see the optimal responses and what you gain after each rank. You be able to see the optimal responses and what you gain after each rank.You must reach Rank 4 in the Strength Social Link (for either Daisuke or Kou) to unlock Ai.

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ai persona 4